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Thoughts for the Week for September 15, 2014

YOU TELL ON YOURSELF You tell on yourself by the friends you seek, By the very manner in which you speak; By the way yo employ your leisure time, By the use you make of dollar and dime . . […]

Thoughts for the Week for September 8, 2014

Why do we urge one to consider advance planning or preplanning of your funeral?  Planning your funeral in advance gives you the  control to make your wishes known.  With advanced planning it also  permits you to consider the feelings of […]

Thoughts for the Week for September 1, 2014

Sunday, September 7th, is National Grandparents Day, as proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter.  He stated, “As we seek to strengthen the enduring values of the family, it is appropriate that we honor our grandparents.”  Grandparents Day is to honor our […]

Thoughts for the Week for August 25, 2014

Labor Day, for the employed, is a day to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from work well done.  But for the unemployed who want to work but can’t get work, Labor Day can be something else.  For jobless […]