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Thoughts for the Week for September 25, 2017

It is said that the men who succeed are the efficient few. They are the few who have the ambition and the will power to develop themselves. Many times these men are asked: “How can I–or others–do it, too? One […]

Thoughts for the Week for September 18, 2017

How many times have you heard the expression, “One has to look at both sides?” The disposition to blame others for our inconveniences and trouble is a common vice. In any situation where two people have difficulty with each other, […]

Thoughts for the Week for September 11, 2017

I had this “Thought” in the paper several years ago but want to share again as I think it is so important for us to remember: Children today are faced with pressures and demands we adults sometimes either have forgotten […]

Thoughts for the Week for September 4, 2017

For me, every day is “Grandparents Day.” But officially, September 10th is scheduled as “Grandparents Day.” It has been said that approximately four million greeting cards are sent on this special Grandparents Day. This is especially a good time for […]

Thoughts for the Week for August 28, 2017

Labor Day, today, for most Americans has become a traditional last-fling-of-the-summer weekend…It is much more than this conception… Labor Day has been a national holiday since 1894. It became a holiday in recognition of those men and women who are […]

Thoughts for the Week for August 21, 2017

Neighbors are a great institution, and few people would care to get along without them. Nobody wants neighbors who are too familiar, but everyone wants them friendly enough so an egg or a cup of sugar can be borrowed when […]

Thoughts for the Week for August 14, 2017

You probably have noticed some people at times have distinctive ideas about clergymen. No minister, priest, or rabbi is supernatural. They are human beings. The inner voice which beckoned them to their calling usually provides them with patience, tolerance and […]

Thoughts for the Week for August 7, 2017

Several years ago a friend sent me the following obituary notice. Even though I shared it with my readers then, I think this is a good time to renew these thoughts: “Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old […]

Thoughts for the Week for July 31, 2017

Are you a friend? It does not take a special gift. It takes a special grace–the grace of kindness! A good talk with a close friend can solve problems, or at least put them in perspective before they become overpowering. […]

Thoughts for the Week for July 24, 2017

“True sorrow makes a silence in the heart” and we think even the most obtuse among us know enough not to intrude on such feelings. At such times, however, there is work that must be done–and we, at Grimes Funeral […]