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Thoughts for the Week for July 17, 2017

We are all fortified by traditions. They plan an important part in our lives. Traditions provide patterns on which we can depend and they give us security, a sense of belonging. A tradition is more than just something that has […]

Thoughts for the Week for July 10, 2017

We are, by nature, I think, creatures of habit. I have heard it said that most of us will not change until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of changing. We are like the old […]

Thoughts for the Week for July 3, 2017

We all make many promises during our lifetime. These promises deal with all things, in every phase of life. Knowing what or whom to believe can and does pose problems at times. Careless promises should never be given–or counted upon. […]

Thoughts for the Week for June 26, 2017

“True sorrow makes a silence in the heart” and we think even the most obtuse among us know enough not to intrude on such feelings. At such times, however, there is work that must be done–and we, at Grimes Funeral […]

Thoughts for the Week for June 19, 2017

Today there are some who find themselves asking, “What good does a funeral really do?” Beyond providing a proper burial for the deceased, the funeral does a great deal for those whose lives go on. For the bereaved family, their […]

Thoughts for the Week for June 12, 2017

We all know that there are many different sides of being a father . . . BEING A FATHER is Atlas supporting two worlds on his shoulders; A competitive no-nonsense world with cash rewards and the warm private world offering […]

Thoughts for the Week for June 5, 2017

Is it possible to wave the Flag too much? No. We are not waving the Flag, not nearly enough. The Flag is a symbol of our national unity. It is the spirit of our undying devotion to our Country. It […]

Thoughts for the Week for May 29, 2017

“Youth is not entirely a time of life; it is a state of mind. It is not wholly a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips, or supple knees. It is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, […]

Thoughts for the Week for May 22, 2017

“Let us bury one in our greatest place of honour,” said the Rev. David Railton, an army chaplain of Great Britain, “to represent all the unknown.” Upon this suggestion came the idea of the Unknown Soldier. In Westminster Abbey in […]

Thoughts for the Week for May 15, 2017

While most people do not like to think about their own death or that of a close family member, funeral pre-planning and even pre-financing can ease possible problems associated with death. There are many reasons that people pre-plan their own […]