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Thoughts for the Week for November 14, 2016

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, “The changes wrought by death are in themselves so sharp and final and so terrible and melancholy in their consequences that the thing stands alone in man’s experience and has no parallel upon earth.” This great […]

Thoughts for the Week for November 7, 2016

On the morning of Veteran’s Day the awe-inspiring ceremony, which begins with the traditional laying of the Presidential Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, is held. Not only in Arlington Cemetery, but all over […]

Thoughts for the Week for October 31, 2016

You have probably noticed how advertisements claim happiness can be found in owning this or that. The words may sound nice in audio or look good in print, BUT in the reality of life, worldly possessions do not necessarily bring […]

Thoughts for the Week for October 24, 2016

We all know that there is a vast difference between learning and wisdom. Learning involves the accumulation of facts, and increditable as it is to realize, many a person who is positively a walking encyclopedia has not enough sense to […]

Thoughts for the Week for October 17, 2016

We all know that people of all ages and circumstances respond to kindness. It has been said that kindness is the oil that reduces friction between people, a salve that heals wounds. With kindness you can give back a man […]

Thoughts for the Week for October 10, 2016

We all know people who seem to practice the art of courtesy very naturally . . . and then there are those who seem to feel that courtesy is a ‘lost art’. Much has been written and said about the […]

Thoughts for the Week for October 3, 2016

Although it is generally recognized today that Columbus was not the first to discover America (the Scandinavians came hundred of years earlier), the Italian’s voyage opened up the New World. It was the most significant and meaningful. On August 3, […]

Thoughts for the Week for September 26, 2016

Today there are some who find themselves asking: “What good does a funeral really do?” Beyond providing a proper burial for the deceased, the funeral does a great deal for those whose lives go on. For the bereaved family, their […]

Thoughts for the Week for September 19, 2016

Facing life’s issues can at times cause personal unhappiness. Sometimes it seems easier to sweep unpleasant matters “under the rug”; to look the other way; to pretend something or someone doesn’t exist. Yet the world is full of unpleasant issues. […]

Thoughts for the Week for September 12, 2016

Today, more people are realizing that planning a funeral in advance of need demonstrates love and consideration toward their family members. It is a thoughtful decision that reduces the stress of indecision and uncertainty when a death does occur. There […]