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Thoughts for the Week for March 6, 2017

Since earliest times anger has been of concern to religious people. Primitive rituals frequently centered around the problems caused by the anger of people or of the gods. Anger separated Esau and Jacob. Moses, in anger, smashed the tablets containing […]

Thoughts for the Week for February 27, 2017

Rarely does a day pass that we are not reminded in some way how fast time passes. Our birthdays, friends’ and relatives’ birthday, entire years seemingly vanishing. It seems like yesterday that our first grandson was born and in November […]

Thoughts for the Week for February 20, 2017

Prearrangement of funeral services relieves the family of having to make important decisions at a difficult time and enables one to let their wishes known. Planning a funeral is a series of major decisions which does not occur in a […]

Thoughts for the Week for February 13, 2017

Old virtues such as duty, patriotism and service to one’s country sometimes meet with a certain amount of criticism. So it’s good to remember the birthday of George Washington . . . “First in war, first in peace and first […]

Thoughts for the Week for February 6, 2017

It has been said that Lincoln was a failure in almost everything he tried–except the things that counted most . . . He failed in business, 1831-32; elected to state lesislature, 1834; defeated for speaker, 1838; defeated for elector, 1840; […]

Thoughts for the Week for January 30, 2017

One of the best quotes on happiness we have come across is one by J. Walter Sylvester . . . “Happiness comes not from without but from within. It comes not from the power of possession but from the power […]

Thoughts for the Week for January 23, 2017

Of all God’s gifts to man, laughter is one of the most subtle and is one of the most precious. It has neither nationality nor religion. As an equalizer, it has no equal. Even science which can do so many […]

Thoughts for the Week for January 16, 2017

SOME THOUGHTS TO THINK ABOUT TODAY: A handful of common sense is sometimes worth a bushel of learning. The secret of happiness is not doing what you like–but liking what you do. The greatest of all mistakes is to do […]

Thoughts for the Week for January 9, 2017

Time is your most precious possession. Once tomorrow comes, today will be forever gone. There is no substitute, no replacement. The clock clicks from one quick second to another. No fancy figuring is required to know all of us are […]

Thoughts for the Week for January 2, 2017

I read this post by Ben Carson and after reading it, I thought I should share this with my readers. It went like this: “While much of America seems to be getting more and more divisive, I’m going to be […]