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  728 Jefferson
  Kerrville, Texas 78028
  Tel: 830.257.4544

  1214 Mulberry
  Bandera, Texas 78003
  Tel: 830.796.3922


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Someone once said that READING is magic. It enables us to experience and ponder the past...

It helps us to live more happily and wisely in the present. And it permits us to cope with the future.

Dr. Samuel Johnsonís injunction "Keep your friendships in repair" should be applied to books as well as persons. Books are friends at all times if we treat them well; we can enjoy their companionship when human friends have passed beyond our reach or have grown out of us. In every phase of life they are loyal friends, and, if they show signs of wear, that only proves how much we have cared for them. They repay us by linking youth with middle age and refreshing us in our late 50's as they inspired us in our early 20's.

Unlike friends who never answer letters, emails or phone calls, our books always speak when we open them!...........................

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