It is Easter–the occasion for Christians to rejoice again the celebration of the Resurrection. It is Easter–the occasion for a new beginning in our lives; an occasion for renewal of the spirit. It is Easter–a time of awakening to new understanding of what is important in life; a time to find new depths of thought and feeling within ourselves. It is Easter–a time of hope and promise of new life and bright days.

Easter comes garlanded in crocuses and hyacinths, its triumphal procession is attended by pink and white dogwood and yellow forsythia and flowering crab. Animals are born and nibble the tender green grass of yet another Spring. Birds that fled the blasts of winter return and flash their various colors from tree to tree. The sun that stood aloof drips down to color the gardener’s face as he entrusts to the good earth the seeds that will blossom into flowers and foods of varied hue.

Easter’s message, like that of Christmas, is of good tidings and great joy. It speaks to the eternal abundance of life.

Easter is a hopeful holiday and we trust our readers will enjoy it to the fullest…A Joyous Easter To All!