As professionals dealing with death and bereavement, we know the death of someone you love can change your lives drastically.

Major decisions have to be made at this time . . . Whether you should stay in your home . . . It may be too large now . . . There is a loss in your income . . . What to do? . . . Yu may have to go back to work . . . Full-time or part-time?

Adjustments to these changes may force you to make these decisions at a time when you are distressed emotionally and least able to make wise decisions. Good decision making requires you to take time.

We at Grimes Funeral Chapels urge you to take this time. Have all the facts before you and be rational, not emotional. If you or a friend are faced with major decisions because of a death in your family, we urge you to take time, get good information and wait until your emotions have subsided.