We all know that there are many different sides of being a father . . . BEING A FATHER is Atlas supporting two worlds on his shoulders; A competitive no-nonsense world with cash rewards and the warm private world offering dividends of love, laughter, heartache, and memories.

BEING A FATHER is shrugging away tiredness to go to a Scout meeting, Little League ball game, or a Father-Daughter banquet.

BEING A FATHER is Moses handing down the laws of the family, weighing the fate of those who dare to break the laws, and then meting out a just punishment.

BEING A FATHER is handing down knowledge. Though it would be much easier to do it himself, how will a son/daughter learn unless they works along side of their dad?

BEING A FATHER is the suffocating seizure that hits when the tom-boy daughter walks into the room a vision of loveliness in her prom dress.

BEING A FATHER is an aging process, a miracle of mellowing and maturing, and when his children marry, there is no shame as a few tears spill down an undeniably masculine cheek.

And so, to all you Fathers, on this very special day may we say, “Thanks for BEING YOU!”