Francis "Fuzzy" SwayzeI am a Veteran.

of Kerrville, TX

July 22, 1919 - November 9, 2021

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Services for Francis ''Fuzzy'' Swayze, 102, of Kerrville, who passed away Tuesday, November 9, 2021 in a Bulverde care center, are pending at Grimes Funeral Chapels of Kerrville.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

FUZZY was really part of the family. I talked to Terry Wallace a good bit about him.

Fuzzy was about a week and a half younger than my dad (7/3/1919) and a week and a half older than my mom (7/27/1919) due to aunt Billie (Real's) excellent teaching Mom skipped a grade so she graduated at Tivy in 1936, but Dad graduated in i937 with Fuzzy, both with the complements of Uncle Sam got a paid vacation in the Pacific theater in WW2. Of course with Jackie being in the band and Boy Scout, etc and just being in the Kerrville School system we saw Fuzzy for every photo op, so I really saw a lotto him. A had a couple of good conversations with him when he was in the nursing home and I am very sorry that a fellow that had brought so much enjoyment through visual media was plagued with macular degeneration. Anyway, I love you guys, My dad died at 59, but mom made it to 98, almost as long. I'm a drag when it comes to funerals, my Parkinson's D. makes me supper emotional, and that has been magnified with the loss of my precious Jane on my birthday last May.

Holly Byrd Cooper
Kerrville, TX
Wednesday, November 24, 2021

I had known Mr. Swayze my entire life. When I was little, we lived across the street from Mr. and Mrs. Swayze. Dad (Dr. W. C. Byrd) thought Mr. Swayze was the most talented photographer in the world and learned a lot from him. I can't believe this legend has passed from our lives. My thoughts and prayers are with you, but know that Mr. Swayze was respected and honored and much loved by those who were fortunate to know him. May you have peace at this difficult time.

Mike Cunningham
Boerne, TX
Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Fuzzy and Nell were my favorite uncle and aunt. I remember all the great summers we spent catching fireflies and swimming in the Guadalupe and watching Fuzzy take pictures at camp. I remember Nell’s cinnamon toast and Fuzzy’s smile. I remember seeing his military picture with Bob Hope and thinking he must be really special. And he was. Miss them both and they will always be in my memories.

Jeanie Archer Webb
Saturday, November 13, 2021

I just loved Fuzzy. And Nell. Although 10 years older than Fuzzy, my father, Haskell Archer, knew The Swayze family well. My mother, Donnie Archer, taught at Tivy Elementary for nearly 30 years & thus was a colleague of Nell’s as well as of Lorinne Swayze. Nell was head of the cafeteria throughout my 12 years at Tivy.
Lorinne was my teacher. Their son Jimmy was high school friend of my brother’s. I worked closely with Fuzzy when I was on the Antler Staff from 1957-61 and editor the last year — and Fuzzy was our contract photographer. I spent a lot of time in his Earl Garret Street studio as we reviewed photos. And for years from the Tivy Band bleachers we watched Fuzzy prowl the sidelines in all weather at Tivy football games. And the following week it was his action photos we looked for in the newspaper. Francelle Robison Collins and I had the pleasure of interviewing Fuzzy and Nell for the Oral History project, where I was surprised to learn about Fuzzy’s South Pacific service in WWIi. I still have the transcription on my computer if the family would like me to email it to them. Fuzzy and Nell were dear, lovely people, decent and solid, kind and respectful. Fuzzy always had a crooked little smile and impish gleam in his eyes. Kindest regards,

Benno J Bauer Jr
Houston, TX
Saturday, November 13, 2021

Mr Swayze was one of the kindness man I have know with a smile and twinkle in his eyes.

Me Seayze’s Son Jack, I have gotten to know over many years
in Houston before Jack moved away and he has carried gotth his family
Of course, integrity, honor and humility. May the Lord give HIS great comfort as only HE can.